-A message from Rachel Hawthorne-Employment Specialist, Military Spouse Jobs?

?To the military spouses who feel held back because of multiple PCSs and the constant ?hurry up and wait mentality,? use this time wisely. If you plan on re-entering the workforce, that is absolutely amazing. Focus on professional development opportunities that keep your skills fresh and sharp. Carve out a couple of hours each week when you can, and focus on the skills that you will need in your chosen path. Don?t focus on all the skills. I am working in workforce development and am actively sharpening the skills I need to be the most successful I can be. I am not focusing on skills I would need to fly Navy helicopters, because that is not relevant to what I do. Hone in the skills you will need and the ones that will make you the most successful in your career. It comes with time and persistence, but you will get there.

I believe in you.?