Job Search Stress 


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Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Stress that occurs around or due to a job loss, the need to find a job, or a promotion possibility is identified as Job Search Stress. Job search stress happens to us all, in a way you could say it is a normal part of life. Where the differences come in is how you handle that job search stress.


There are a few key steps to help you not only get past the stress of searching for a job but also how to remain productive when you are faced with this type of stress. 


Step One:

Recognize the Issue.

As with anything, the first step to addressing and correcting an issue is to acknowledge its existence.

What is causing my job search stress?

Why is this occurring?

How can I move on from this?


Step Two:

Manage the Concern.

Once you know that there is an issue, Job Search Stress, you can begin to implement ways to self-manage those stress levels. You may never fully erase all job-related stress, and that?s okay] the key is being able to manage the level allowing you to progress. 


A few ways to break through your job search stress could include:

Create a Job Search Plan, including scheduling your time and activities on a daily/weekly basis.

Stay organized. This could include creating a job application tracker using PC folders, your online calendar or, if you are more comfortable with tactile options, a paper calendar or whiteboard in your office. 

Practicing what you know gives you anxiety (interviewing, writing cover letters, or even your professional introduction). Be Confident!

Use strategy before and during the application process, targeting your self-marketing materials, and professional networks.


Step Three:

Progress Beyond the Fear.

Failure and rejection happen to everyone. Repeat that!


Stay positive throughout the ups AND downs, and remember that it?s not a one-size-fits-all plan. 

Having a plan for your job search/career change will allow you to not only stay stress-free, but it will also allow you to tweak and edit as you find new details about your abilities, needs, and wants. Don?t beat yourself up if you need to take a day off from your job search to allow yourself to mentally and emotionally rest. This will keep you refreshed and focused in the end. 


Uncertainty can be one of the biggest stressors you face in your adult life. The key to facing uncertain times is not giving up! We all find ourselves in situations that can cause stress and uneasiness; how you handle those situations will say a lot about your character.


Written By: Phylicia Vallier