Networking to Gain Exposure Before a Career Change


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Career changes can feel nerve-wracking and daunting! When you add networking into that mix, forget about it! Even more stressful. So, how do you effectively search for your new desired role?


First, take a deep breath. It may seem like a stressful situation, but it doesn?t have to be entirely that way. It -- dare I say this --- can be fun! Listen, networking can open the doors to so many different avenues. Avenues you weren?t even looking for, but could be the opportunity you not only needed but also wanted. Be open to new people and new paths. Here are five tips that can help you network to gain exposure before a career change.



Make it known to people that you are on the hunt. You never know, who may know someone, who knows someone, who could help you into your dream job. Yes, I have seen this happen before, it?s completely possible. Get on social media. LinkedIn is a great resource for job hunters and finders!


Do Your Research.

If you have read my past articles, I am big on doing your research. There is almost nothing more important than being well informed and showing you care. Search people on LinkedIn in your target role. Look at their paths. What are the professional organizations that are associated with what you?re looking to do? Do your research.


Find Others Who Have ?Been There, Done That.

Make connections with people who have been there, done that. When you are on LinkedIn and have found people in the roles you wish to obtain, send them a message. Ask them if you can chat and they can give you some insight. You would be surprised how kind people are if you approach them with sincerity and honesty.


Seek Advice.

Don?t be afraid to seek advice. Networking is not supposed to be hard. Think about it this way, it should be a relaxed environment where you are simply asking questions, listening to advice, learning, telling your story. Plus, if you have done your research, (point number 3) in advance it makes it easier because you will have something to bring up when talking with them!


Go to Industry Events.

Lastly, but certainly not least, put yourself out there! Get to local events, go to the chamber of commerce. Professional organizations have social and professional events going on all the time and would be a great resource for you to go to. 

This may feel like a lot at first but, if you remember to breathe and relax, it will all fall into place exactly how it's meant to be. Good luck and don?t be afraid to put yourself out there!


Written By: Alexandra O?Neil