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Growing up in the south, I was taught to be gracious and appreciative of all offers that come my way; a job, a dinner invitation, or that hideous painting that?s been in the family for years. When I began job searching, I had to deny my ingrained manners and remember just because someone offers doesn?t mean I have to accept.

Job searching can be a long frustrating journey full of applications, resume revisions, and rejection. When we get a job offer it seems like the only chance to the end the cycle, to end the suffering and frustration. After all, a job is our end goal.   But before accepting an offer you should determine if the job is the right for you. 


Ask yourself these questions:

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Is this job fulfilling?

How will it affect your work life balance?

How will the job contribute to your career goals?

What changes will this job bring to your life and career?

Do the company?s mission and practices align with your values?


Don?t be afraid to evaluate your professional and personal needs. Accepting a job that?s not a good fit can result in stress, frustration, and unemployment. 

Address your concerns with a prospective employer - they may be willing to negotiate terms. If they don?t budge, don?t be discouraged. That job isn?t the right fit for you.


By: Amada Marksmeier