Social Media Checklist: Checklist for the Sometimes-Social Networker

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My social networking activity comes and goes with the seasons. It?s something I actively engage in some of the year, but I know it?s never for keeps. Social networking makes a place in my day, only to find its way off my to-do list, though it always returns a few months later. Out of sight, out of mind.

If you are like me, you probably realize the difficulty inherent in this haphazard attention to your online presence. I always promise I?ll do better, but I often don?t.

 So, when I do return to the online land of professional networking (i.e. LinkedIn®), I take the following steps, which may be helpful to you.


mage: I ask whether I have a more recent, more professional, or more representative of me photo.

Incomplete Entries: I try to fill in those details in my work history that I still haven?t gotten to.

Outdated/Unnecessary Information: I consider whether the information I have already included is geared towards my current goals (this entails a moment or two of thinking about what my goals really are?and let?s face it, sometimes it?s hard to be sure).

New Information: I catalogue whether I?ve taken on any new tasks at work or succeeded in any new ways. Adding education or training is an often-missed opportunity as well?make sure to give yourself credit for the things that you?ve done.

Connections: I check my LinkedIn® inbox to see what outstanding connection requests I have.

Groups: I do a quick search to identify new groups that may interest me, and I check in on the groups to which I already belong so that I can know what?s going on (and what I?ve missed).

Schedule: I set a calendar reminder for two weeks later to make regular updates.

Security: I check my other forms of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? any platforms you use socially) to make sure that my privacy settings are where they need to be. If my feed is more public, I need to make sure I?m okay with a potential employer coming across whatever is on there. If there are any doubts, it?s always a good bet to make your account more private.

Promise: I promise myself that I?ll do better next time. 


By: Jamie Boyle