When Things Don't Go Right

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It?s Murphy?s Law: that which can go wrong, will go wrong. And when it does go wrong, you can be certain that some well-meaning person will pat you on the shoulder, smile, and say ?When life hands you lemons, make lemonade,? or ?Everyone has bad days, a good day is coming.?

That?s all well and good, but sometimes bad things feel more like snowballs lobbed at your face during a blizzard rather than some harmless lemons on the counter. Sometimes the bad things feel like they are going to keep on coming, no matter what you do.

I?m sure you know what I mean. We?ve all been there.

If you?re there right now, my sympathies. I promise, I won?t tell you what to do with your lemons, or try to get you to turn that frown upside down. Your frown is your own business.

But I am here to give you some thoughts about how to get out of a job hunting slump. You know the kind? the resumes don?t seem to be doing any good, you?ve lost count of how many applications you?ve put in, and you?re wondering how in the heck you

can keep doing this when the bills keep coming every month like clockwork.

Although we get excited about helping people find jobs and employment resources at CASY & MSCCN, we know the truth of the matter: a job search is no fun if you?re in the middle of it. A job hunt is hard work that comes with ups and downs?and a plethora of advice that ranges from unhelpful to plain unwanted.

I'm not going to give you the latest job. news trends or any hot tips that might show up in your inbox. Thanks to online advice columns, I'm sure you've got more than enough of that kind of advice.

Instead, I want to encourage you to simplify your process. At its core, a successful job search is about the fundamentals, about jumping in where you are and adjusting as you go, rather than being perfect and waiting for the right moment.

If you need to simplify your job search, take a

breath and look no further than the TNT method of getting rid of barriers and moving ahead.

Target and Tune Up: To be successful in the job market, you need to have a central goal as your target. Once you have a job goal, you should tune up your materials to match your industry goal.

Network and Nail It: The #1 way to secure a job is through networking. Despite changes in technology, networking is still the best way to make sure you know

people who can get you in the door to a job, resource, or opportunity that will help you reach your goal (and it doesn?t have to be complicated!).

Keep it simple?talk to people who have the jobs you want with a purpose in mind. Nail your introductions by knowing who you are, what you?re looking for, and ask if

anyone knows the best way for you to get to your goal. The clearer you are as a communicator, the better you will be at getting the results you want.

Tailgate and Tough It Out: I don?t like the term ?follow up??it?s vague, and for that reason, it?s the step that people most often skip. Instead, think about the following distance between two cars trying to reach the same place.

If you fall too far back, the car you?re following will lose sight of you in the rear view mirror; and if you follow too close, you could wind up crashing into their bumper.

There is, however, a sweet spot when it comes to tailgating the lead car, and the same holds true in the job market. Seriously, if you don?t hear from a company or a lead, contact them. Set a calendar reminder, follow them on social media, email the last person you talked to, and let them know they are on your mind because you really wanted to know ? you get the idea.

If they say that they didn?t pick you for the position, ask for a referral or if another position is available. If you don?t get the answer you wanted, it?s okay. You?re going to find the one that?s right for you. Move on to the next opportunity? but at least you?ll know, and you won?t be waiting.

The job search is an adventure and an exercise in patience. My sincere recommendation is that when things aren?t going right, strip your job search down to the basics. Focus on the bare essentials: Target your search, Network with people in those positions, and Tailgate to follow up so that you get an answer, good or bad. Repeat as necessary, as long as it takes to reach that goal.


By: Amy Rossi